a V(SL)ery important Day

TOday marx a VERy important day for VsL (Variety is the Spice Of life club). ToDay we will start the outreach for our "Getting down on Drity with You're Area: A public Forum on Sexual Education in your' area's Nursing homes." This is one of VSL's bigest monthyl initiatives which we launch every third month in your area.

Interested in teaching seniors about sexual education? Want to know how to pronounce the word "abstinence"? Well now, you can.

This Wednesday at 2:50 in your area, join us for some ~stimulating~ conversation.

Which brings us to our next point--> we have been getting a lot of complaints recently that our website is not user friendly. We consulted our legal consultants and they consulted us to issue the following statement:

-We are deeply, deeply sorry

-We have no plans to change the website in any way

and thirdly,

-We request that you only use the "contract us" function for constructive compliments, praise, well-wishing, and back-patting. Its not personnel we just don't like complaints thx very much to our sponsors Colrox and Crsico, keeping u "clean and greasy" this holiday season.

All my love and admonition,


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