Our Initiatives:

I'm a paragraph. 

Here is a glimpse into our brainstorming process and plan for the future. 

We have a quite extensive outreach program, and have made a pledge to reach a total of 7 people in the organization by 2020. 

Organize a speed dating event. 

Hold a "book" sale.

Recruit for different cults in which we have no vested interest. Pass out flyers, use persuasive speech, give lectures, etc. 

Record results.

Label all the printers around campus as "3D Printers."

We will soon be creating a dictionary hotline for people who want access to definitionsright from your phone! The first and only way to research definitions right from your cellular telephone.


Hotline will be open 5-11 weekdays, 4-12 Saturdays, and 24 hours every other Sunday.


Call 1-800-HOT-DICS 

to retrieve a definition about any word in the English language. Don't call for male companions, plz.

Make an abstinence tri-fold. 

Create mold. Dislpay beside foods. 

Agressively advertise a false event. 

Reanact the Diet of Worms.

Bring kids in from town and start a daycare campus, located in Proctor dining hall.

When a student approaches your table for the salt shaker and asks you politely for it, yell "YES" enthusiastically. Second option: "ALWAYS."

Stand before the door in the dish section of the dining halls, and shake the hands of all exiters, giving them a heartfelt "thank you."

Reverse pickpocketing.

Wear a helmet!

Put satirical posters next to every real poster in the school.

Improve Middlebury's fashion by forcing clothes on pedestrians.

  • This task is also a game.

  • Points are achieved by what kind, and how many items of clothing one can coerce people to wear. 

  • This is a NON-VIOLENT game!

Sit in the dark and ponder the dark.



Ramen Appreciation Club


  • What kinds of ramen can one make?

  • Why does the USA have the wrong idea about ramen?

  • Why is ramen the best food?

  • Ramen tasting

Learn about math!

  • What are numbers?

  • Learn about hyperbolic space.

  • What if we put the universe into a tube?

  • Picture a hot dog bun. 

English Royal Family history memorization session.

  • Everything you need to know about English Royalty.

  • Memorize the names of over 200 kings and queens...Knowledge that will last you a lifetime!