Who Are We?

I'm a paragraph. Who are you?

No, but really, we are everything. We are the tree behind these words, a tree of growth, of spontaneity, of anonymity, of frogs squished on the road, of confused tissues, of dust, of polar bears, of heartbreaking men, of planes full of stuffed animals, of...


We have a King. That is me. 

We have a president. She does all the work, but I get the respect. 

We have a treasurer. Lots of money handling going on. No money laundering, of course. 

We have a secretary. She forced her way in to the society, but don't get any ideas.


No skills allowed here. If you want to "bring" something to the club, then you should probably do something worthwhile and go to a real club. 

We are what you have been waiting for (but we don't actually want you). You must assimilate to our level. It can be daunting, and strenuous, and take you down a few notches, before you can make it to the top. 


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