Article I

The name of this organization shall be Variety is the Spice of Life Club


Article II

The purpose of this club is to spice up your life in the area. We provide an outlet for your frustration with monotony and monogomy in your area, and bring light to your sad, pathetic life in your area. Being an organization focused on variety at Middlebury, we change our purpose every week. Generally we stick to interesting campaigns, philosophical activities, spicing things up, and fostering a fun, lively attitude at this wonderful institution in your area. 

Our purpose is to make events available that let the Middlebury student body experience a broadening of the mind, body, and soul, and your area. 


Article III

Membership qualifications: 

  1. Smallpox vaccination (In some cases, must have bixpox vaccination as well)

  2. New and progressive ideas for our organization

  3. Must be able to cry on command

  4. Jogging pneumonia

  5. Must be able to distinguish between black tea, red tea, and the red sea by taste

  6. Initiation: One week, said prospective member must only sit at tables alone. If any student joins the table, prospective member must climb under the table until table is empty again. 


Article IV

Leadership roles in Variety is the Spice of Life:

  • King

    • Rules justly and tyrannically. 

  • President (spicePrez_69)

    • Manages projects and takes charge of correspondence/communications. Generally responsible for club. Also director of admissions.*

  • Officer

    • Graphic blacksmith.

  • Secretary: Teylor

    • To act as the official redundant scribe for the meetings. Also to project managers and participate as an active member. 


*But don't try and use this to your advantage. The better she knows you, the less likely you are to be admitted. If you wish to become a member please do not contact any administrators directly. Variety Is the spice Of life club does not approve of networking in any capacity.