One for the book

Tell me bout you're childhood.

Give me a wish.

Every skin is like a pajama.

It gives me pause when you have a small.

Why do we do that? When is? This I pajama.

Pajama pajor. Gave me a flower I hit a prius watt??

There, they're.



This week futured poet is -poet, and up-end coming poet in the poems.

We bring you this poem by -poet because in the final days of VSL charity Drive 2009: For The cause Give what You Can--charity Not Charity forA Good Cause! read About It on the web Site FUNdraising Event, its important to remember why we do it all. For FUN! draising. Money. for VSL.

Variety is the Spice of Life. And it is crux that we dismember this all time and keep both eyes on the road prize. WHats the best way to stay focused? Ask your doctor perhaps. "Doctor knows best!"

More tomorrow.

Forever yours,


#fruit #horse #poet #charity #doctor #spackle #giveaway

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