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Good morning currently. There are a lot of applicants. Don;t forget to be one!

As the presidency of the variety IS the spice Of Life club, I am remarkably well informed. So it should not surprise you when I tell you new which you have never-heard. Like such as this news.

  • Which does fertilizer come from? Who/when built the pyramid? How can I get involve? What era is the topography? When is?

  • history of the modern shovel

  • Whenever I have the best, others want some their,

  • Great people Great hair

  • How should we address issues such as letters, post cards, large parcels, ect cetera?

Heir YOUR'E greivances!! A public forum will be held on Wednesday (time is TDB). We open the floor to people form all wok's of life.

On That note

Advice from Your Districts best beauty= Kashera Kraith

Dear Kashera,

I think of my self as somewhat of a fashionista. I allot $600 of my $3,000 monthly income to pay for my hair appointments, clothes, et cetera. However, I get the sense that my life partner is unimpressed by my efforts. Yesterday, my life partner (let's call it Grary) said "I can't believe you spend $600 every month to look like that when your leg has been broken and untreated for 10 months." Obviously, Grary is unimpressed by my appearance. What can I do to show Grary that I care-y? (Haha, ha)


Stuck in Singapore

Dear Stuck,

As aways I am amaze bye you're persepcion. I pascribe you Super fragrant and easy to use,...this fun hairstyling jel!Super fun and easy to use: simply squirt an dollop ("websters Dictionary defines a dollop as" roughly the size of a half dollar) onto you're hand or something. Comes in two agreeable colors White and Gentle Green.

If Grary does'nt notice this. I dont know who will!





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