The great!

It is my gr8 pleasure to congartulate Jim Mat (*pseudonym) on his induction to the Ardsley High-School Wall of Fame. Variety is the Spice of Life Club is proud to "support" local academic achievers such as Jim.

Jim was born in 1998 to Arthur and Rebecca Mat (*pseudonyms). He was just 5 lbs 3 oz when the midwife gently guided his fragile cranium through the birth canal. Wailing and red, Jim's head was sprinkled with a tuft of bright red hair and a smattering of freckles had already begun to emerge (*all details of "Jim's" birth and appearance have been changed to protect his identity).

As a child, Jim liked to host tea parties and draw eyebrows on his dolls. In his free time, he liked to read (*all details about "Jim's" childhood have been fabricated to guard his identity). When Jim grew into tweendom, he developed a passion for mathematics and ltierature. These passions grew as he blossomed into adolescence (*details about "Jim's" academic interests have been altered to protect his identity).

A the tender age of 14, Jim was faced with the challenge of organizing his own Quinceanera, to which he generously invited all the citizens of his area and won the hearts of the greater community (*Jim's ethnic background has been adjusted to conceal his identity).

We are immensely proud of Jim and all that he has achieved. We wish him well this fall as he heads off to Drexel University (*not a real college; invented to hide "Jim's" identity).



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